~ About ~

From the logo to the products, Maid In China has been inspired by wordplay, unusual ideas and clever design.

Established by UK designer Em Royston (that’s me👇🏼), it develops high quality products that are always absolutely unique.

The first ‘Circus Collection’ combines the tradition of afternoon tea with all the fun of the fun-fair. From a tea set that becomes a moving merry-go-round, to a toast rack disguised as a travelling tiger: ordinary items come to life in fine bone china and luxe gold aesthetic.

The ‘Stitch Your Way’ Series was inspired by a love of travel and life-long obsession with crafting and customisation, this is available under the sub-brand Chasing Threads

check out our sister website, dedicated to crafty travel goods!

Maid In China stands for product that is as clever as it is beautiful, functional and on-trend.