~ About ~

Founded by UK designer, Emma Royston, Maid in china was established in 2016 after a move to Hong Kong to start a product design studio. From the logo to the products, Maid in china has been inspired by wordplay, surprising expectations and clever design.

The first ‘Circus Collection’ combines the tradition of afternoon tea with all the fun of the fun-fair. From a tea set that becomes a moving merry-go-round, to a toast rack disguised as a travelling caged tiger: ordinary items comes to life, in fine bone china and luxe gold aesthetic.

The ‘Sew your own way’ collection was inspired by a love of travel and life-long obsession with crafting and customisation. The range is an extension of the Stitch Map design by Emma Royston for Suck UK, which retails worldwide in stores including Urban Outfitters, John Lewis & Uncommon Goods.

With a proximity to the Far East’s wealth of manufacturing, Maid in china develops relationships with suppliers and craftspeople to manufacture high quality products that are always absolutely unique.

The MAID IN CHINA stamp stands for product that is as clever as it is beautiful, functional and on-trend.